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The Victory Difference

Victory Martial Arts’ main purpose is to make a difference. Much beyond attaining physical fitness and practicing self-defense, our philosophy in the teaching of martial arts is that the fundamental goal is to shape successful human beings – true champions – who will help create a better world.

For over almost two decades, Victory Martial Arts has been dedicated to improving the quality of life through the practice of martial arts. With a staff of over 20 professional instructors, staff members and motivational experts, Victory Martial Arts Las Vegas is devoted to the personal growth of its students.

Our students learn to confront and overcome their innermost fears and doubts. This way they strengthen their character and increasing their self-confidence, becoming better prepared to meet their challenges with success.

Our Goals

Our programs are specifically designed to teach students to become successful leaders. We are committed to providing a safe, caring educational environment, supporting and actively encouraging the personal growth of our students.

• In our younger students, we actively promote excellent behavior at home and at school.

• We develop an awareness of the importance of fitness, health and hygiene, enhancing responsibility among our students.

• We are committed to empowering students, for them to be successful in life.

• It is our mission to awaken the champion within each one of our students.


We enhance our students’ educational experience with a firm foundation in discipline, consistently reinforcing the good habits that will make of them champions in life. With these good habits in place, learning fast and achieving success – whether it be at Victory, at home or in school – are the natural consequences.


Experts say that roughly 80% of all our decisions are based on our emotions. This is why at Victory Martial Arts we believe it is so important to teach our students much more than merely the physical aspects of martial arts. We teach our students to foster the emotions that will empower them to better confront the many challenges they will encounter in life and succeed throughout their lives. We teach them to transform painful or distressful emotions, such as fear or grief, into useful ones like happiness and serenity through the practice of martial arts.



Victory’s lessons further enhance the knowledge of students with life lessons and ethics that help improve academic performance and personal accomplishments. This leads to excellent results in school – or at work – and at home. At Victory Martial Arts we actively encourage our students to become better students in school, better sons or daughters and better parents at home, and we provide clear guidelines to promote collaboration among them.


Our main goal is to create a lasting legacy of leadership. Victory Martial Arts schools are dedicated to shaping confident, responsible, passionate, joyful human beings, preparing them to conquer the many challenges they will face in life and inspire others to do the same.

When the educational journey begins with a solid foundation, success is assured.Throughout their Victory Martial Arts experience students are rewarded for their daily accomplishments, this way they experience pride and their self-esteem grows. Efficient and organized training habits allow for enthusiastic and effective learning.